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So I say to em... by SkirmisherDak So I say to em... by SkirmisherDak
Hey Dark here showing off a picture of reskinned UBCS mercs I MAY start using over the Replica soldiers. Don't get me wrong, the Replicas are pretty cool, but they're starting to lose their flare for me. So I spent at least 2 hours reskinning and the result was me changing their boring pants into Russian Flora camouflaged pants, I removed the Umbrella logos on them and replaced them all with my faction's Logo (though its on the backs of their vests, unless its Nikolai and the men using his outfit, where there IS a logo on their arms too). I didn't do anything color wise to their jacket-coats because I believe that that ebony color and Nikolai's olive drab color for torso wear actually meshes pretty well with the Russian Flora coloration. Also yes, I do notice that the Umbrella logo is on their goggles. I'm not taking it off because I REALLY don't want to fudge around with the head wear stuff. Little scared to se what happens. So those logos will stay (besides, whoever said umbrella doesn't have to be extinguished? these are "my" mercs, and maybe I feel like borrowing umbrella goggles, its good stuff ;) )

Basically in these scene, reskinned Carlos (might change his name) is walking on an appoint patrol round with two compatriots, telling them a story about one his past experiences. You can make up whatever ya want that he may be saying, just nothing racist or too offensive if you can help alright?

Credit goes to Ninjanub for making these awesome freaking perfect models, Capcom for an awesome Resident Evil series, and others who made the weapons I used in the scene.
Have fun, and please leave a comment below, it really helps :)
Ashkanie2 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014
Aurora-Exe Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013  Student General Artist
And then I said to em, "If you're bored, just scare a few folks with an MRE plastic bottle and watch'em run and scream like li'l school girls!"


Been so long since I did an interactive response!
But really, seeing the looks on their faces after a bottle of that stuff bursts on YouTube can be a real crack-up! :lmao:
SkirmisherDak Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
heh, nice ^^;
Glad you like it ^^
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